Nejmeddine Jouida

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This paper presents a top-down design process for continuous-time (CT) DeltaSigma modulator. Design strategy is illustrated through a fifth-order modulator designed for Bluetooth, WiFi and WiMAX which exemplify clearly the design methodology. Numerous simulations make obvious that the formulate strategy can be successfully applied to practical problems.
This paper presents a new methodologie of a decimator filter design in a multistandard receiver architecture for WiFi and Bluetooth. This filter must satisfy the specifications of a fifth DeltaSigma complex bandpass modulator which operates at a sample rate of 160 MHz. The function of the decimator filter is to make the channel digital selection for duo(More)
A b st r ac t-This paper presents the design of an image-reject continuous-time (CT) quadrature bandpass (QBP) ∆Σ modulator using a tailored signal-transfer-function (STF) design. The quadrature delta-sigma noise shaping with polyphase filter implementations and strategic IF placement effectively improve image rejection internally. The Fifth-order CT QBP ∆Σ(More)
Ab st ra c t-Continuous-Time delta sigma modulators (CT ∆ΣM), by their nature, are mixed-signal systems. That fact creates a discontinuity in the traditional IC design flow which assumes that " discrete " and " continuous " time domain designs require separate design tools. In this work, we present a top level behavioral approach of modeling CT complex(More)
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