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A full multicore fiber optic link is demonstrated, transmitting greater than 100 Gb/s through a single strand of multimode fiber for the first time. The fiber, which consists of seven graded-index multimode cores, is used to transmit up to 120 Gb/s over 100 m using a custom multicore-fiber interfacing transmitter and receiver. 2-D arrays of vertical-cavity(More)
Via and metal resistance, capacitance, stress migration lifetime, and high voltage leakage are characterized for Cu interconnects capped with either CoWP or CoWP + SiN. The CoWP is formed by a self-activated process using DMAB as a reducing agent, providing a very uniform CoWP film. Low via resistance and high stress migration lifetime are observed, even(More)
Quantum-dot (QD) lasers have been widely studied due to their attractive features of low-threshold current density, high gain, low chirp, and superior over-temperature performance. In this letter, index-coupled 1.3- μm distributed-feedback (DFB) lasers were fabricated using wafer-level interference lithography for grating patterning, molecular beam(More)
Leakage and dielectric breakdown of SiO<sub>2</sub> are studied for Cu interconnect structures with either stand-alone CoWP or two-layer CoWP+SiN caps. Without a post-CoWP plasma clean, there are many early fails and the dielectric breakdown exhibits bimodal behavior. By adding a plasma clean after CoWP deposition, the early fails can be eliminated and high(More)
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