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Pulpitis results in significant morbidity among the elderly, particularly in underserved communities. We collected panoramic oral radiographs from 244 (mean age 67) participants of the Northern Manhattan Study, a prospective cohort study of stroke risk in a multiethnic urban population. Radiographs were evaluated for missing teeth, caries, restorations,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence in mandibular premolars of multiple roots and root canals that could be demonstrated radiographically. The images of mandibular premolar teeth as seen on intraoral full-mouth radiographic surveys (547) taken with the paralleling technique were examined. In 99 patients (18.1%) there was at least one(More)
An anatomical variant in the region of the mental foramen is discussed. In these cases the inferior alveolar nerve divides into its two terminal branches only after it has exited through the mental foramen. The incisive nerve thus commences outside the mandible, and has a short extra-osseous course before it enters the mandible through a separate foramen on(More)
OBJECTIVES To present a case of bilateral mandibular accessory canals and foramina observed on CT and review the relevant literature. RESULTS Based on the literature, accessory canals and foramina are prevalent in the posterior mandible and the area of the symphysis and more frequently on the internal than the external surface of the mandible. Bilateral(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Chronic periodontitis (CP) is associated with stroke and subclinical atherosclerosis, but clinical measurement of CP can be time consuming and invasive. The purpose of this study was to determine whether radiographically assessed CP is associated with nonstenotic carotid artery plaque as an ultrasound measure of subclinical(More)
The clinicopathological findings on a 17-year-old female with the Möbius/Moebius syndrome are reported. The signs and symptoms of this neuromuscular condition include congenital bilateral or unilateral palsies of the facial and abducens cranial nerves and a broad scope of multisystem abnormalities. A case of unilateral deficiencies of cranial nerves VI and(More)
Because of the increased recognition of the lifetime risks from the exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation, it is recommended that alterations be made to the currently accepted guidelines for prescribing radiographs for pregnant patients. Particularly so, because it has been shown that optimal radiographic practices in dental schools and dental(More)
This is an area where radiology plays an important role in assisting with the diagnosis, determining the size of the lesion and the relationship to adjacent structure. Cysts occur more commonly in the jaws than in any other bone. Definition: A cyst is an epithelial lined, pathological cavity having fluid, semi-fluid or gaseous contents: and surrounded by(More)