Neil W. Rickert

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Introduction. Much of the work on distributed systems uses a functional programming paradigm. Thus each node behaves as a function, receiving an argument in a message, computing the value of the function depending on that argument, and either returning the resulting value to the original message sender, or forwarding it to another node. In particular remote(More)
Preconditions for widespread reuse of code. In [I] Lubars gives a view of the present status of reusable code. He suggests that widespread use of reusable code will require both a change of attitudes by the software industry, and the establishment of convenient cataloging and indexing tools. The hope would be that with such tools programmers could more(More)
Discussions of the role of mathematics in cognition typically emphasize the application of discrete logic to internal symbolic representations. The traditional assumption is that learning is something like the application of induction to nd patterns or regularities within those representations. In this article the focus is moved back to the world that we(More)
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