Neil W. Rickert

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Introduction. Much of the work on distributed systems uses a functional programming paradigm. Thus each node behaves as a function, receiving an argument in a message, computing the value of the function depending on that argument, and either returning the resulting value to the original message sender, or forwarding it to another node. In particular remote(More)
While I agree with Lubars on the need for cataloging, I suggest that this by itself will not solve the problem. Indeed, even if an excellent, easily available catalogue were available, I suspect that most programmers often would (and perhaps should) code their own solutions, rather than reusing code available via the cataloging. The unpleasant truth is that(More)
We are now in a similar position with the FORTRAN language. The FORTRAN standards committee has released its report on the proposed Fortran 8x. A final standard has yet to be announced, and we are currently in a period of public comment on the proposed standard. But already a number of vendors (DEC, IBM, DG, UNISYS) have opposed the new standard [i], and(More)
The purpose of this department is to provide early announcement of significant new results, with some indications of proof. Although ordinarily a research announcement should be a brief summary of a paper to be published in full elsewhere, papers giving complete proofs of results of exceptional interest are also solicited. Manuscripts more than eight(More)
Let X be a measure space, and X a finite measure (countably additive) with values in R. The range of X is the set of all vectors X(E) where E ranges over the measurable subsets of X. In a previous paper [2] we introduced a certain positive measure z>, determined by the measure X, on the projective space P". We then showed that a necessary and sufficient(More)
If we assume that the cost of recursion lies in the subprogram linkage cost, then Louden's tree traversal data reveal that this cost is still quite significant. In the non-recursive version of the program, each recursive call is effectively replaced by a PUSH operation on the stack, a test of whether the stack is EMPTY, and a POP operation on the stack.(More)
Discussions of the role of mathematics in cognition typically emphasize the application of discrete logic to internal symbolic representations. The traditional assumption is that learning is something like the application of induction to nd patterns or regularities within those representations. In this article the focus is moved back to the world that we(More)
The "easy" method, of course, is to assign a single individual to manage th e shared files, and make all faculty who wish to create such a file submit to this manager a copy of the data, with a request that the file be placed in th e public directory . We rejected this approach for a number of reasons : (i) i t places a heavy burden on the person managing(More)
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