Neil W. Johnson

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Performance Fortran (HPF) is a new programming language for writing parallel programs. It is based on the Fortran 90 language, with extensions that enable the programmer to specify how array operations can be divided among multiple processors for increased performance. In HPF, the program specifies only the pattern in which the data is divided among the(More)
The properties of epitaxial silicene monolayers on Ag(111) at various levels of oxidation are determined through complementary density functional theory calculations and soft X-ray spectroscopy experiments. Our calculations indicate that moderate levels of oxidation do not cause a significant bandgap opening in the epitaxial silicene monolayer, suggesting(More)
Clinical periodontal measurement is plagued by many sources of error which result in aberrant values (outliers). This study sets out to compare probeable crevice depth measurements (PCD) selected by the option-4 algorithm against those recorded with a conventional double-pass method and to quantify any reduction in site-specific PCD variances. A single(More)
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