Neil Tremblay

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The environmental changes caused by climate change represent a significant challenge to human societies. One part of this challenge will be greater heat-related mortality. Populations in the northern hemisphere will experience temperature increases exceeding the global average, but whether this will increase or decrease total temperature-related mortality(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to investigate variants of case-crossover design for assessing correlations between counts of health events over time and exposure to ambient air pollution. For illustrative purposes, daily emergency department (ED) visits for depression among females were considered. MATERIALS AND METHOD Ambient nitrogen dioxide(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess an association between ambient sulfur dioxide and the number of emergency department (ED) visits for ischemic stroke and seizure. The study used data collected in a Vancouver (Canada) hospital in the years 1999-2003. Daily ED visits diagnosed as ministroke, stroke, or seizure were investigated using the case-crossover(More)
BACKGROUND Synoptic circulation patterns (large-scale weather systems) affect ambient levels of air pollution, as well as the relationship between air pollution and human health. OBJECTIVE To investigate the air pollution-mortality relationship within weather types and seasons, and to determine which combination of atmospheric conditions may pose(More)
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