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Multiple resonances of curriculum as lived
“(T)here are many lived curricula,” Ted T. Aoki (1993) asserts, “as many as there are self and students, and possibly more” (p. 258). The articles in this issue of Curriculum Inquiry explore theExpand
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Writing for Editorial Eyes: How to Write and Edit for Publication
As graduate students, writers, and editors, we identify that writing for coursework and writing for publication are two fundamentally different tasks. Expand
Publish don’t perish: A practical workshop on the politics, life-cycle and structure of academic journal publication
As graduate students, writers, and editors of an academic journal, we identify that writing for coursework and writing for publication are two fundamentally different tasks. Likewise, publishing fromExpand
Publishing as pedagogy: Essays from the 2017 Curriculum Inquiry Writers’ Retreat
The editors of academic journals play a significant role in shaping a scholarly field by selecting what scholarship gets published and playing a role in how that work is shaped through the peerExpand
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Giving Meaning to STSE Issues Through Student-Led Action Research: An Actor-Network Theory Account of STEPWISE in Action
Situated in a large urban high school, we describe, using Actor-Network Theory (ANT), the subject positions that emerge when students are faced with the tasks of identifying a personally relevantExpand
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Tensions on Promoting Social Justice Through STEPWISE Pedagogies in an International Baccalaureate Preparatory Class
In this chapter, we reflect on our experiences collaborating as teachers and researchers while we implemented ‘STEPWISE’ principles and practice in a large urban high school. We write with two goalsExpand
Ordering others
Discussions about race, racism and White supremacy have exploded in news media in recent months. From debates about racial authenticity and passing to outrage over racist violence and legalizedExpand
Invitations to difference: Refusing white pedagogies of racial inclusions
What does it mean to invite difference? The Canadian “mosaic” or the American “melting pot” are both nationalistic ways of welcoming racial differences into white supremacist racial hierarchies, andExpand