Neil T. Sullivan

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Artemisia annua hot water infusion (tea) has been used in in vitro experiments against P. falciparum malaria parasites to test potency relative to equivalent pure artemisinin. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and mass spectrometric analyses were employed to determine the metabolite profile of tea including the concentrations of artemisinin(More)
Quantification of artemisinin purity and amount in plant material and extracts to date has been characterized by a considerable inconsistency in values. This is likely to be due to the adoption of varied analytical procedures and use of inappropriate to the specific applications analytical techniques. In this paper we are attempting to further develop(More)
The large majority of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) markers of disease progression/severity previously identified have been associated with alterations in host genetic and immune responses, with few studies focused on viral genetic markers correlate with changes in disease severity. This study presents a cross-sectional/longitudinal study of(More)
Results from a fully independent thin film process for manufacturing non-lead glass Microchannel plate (MCP) detectors using nano-engineered thin films for both the resistive and emissive layers are presented. These novel MCP devices show high gain, less gain degradation with extracted charge, and greater pore to pore and plate to plate uniformity than has(More)
In parts of Africa and Asia, self-medication with a hot water infusion of Artemisia annua (Artemisia tea) is a common practice for a number of ailments including malaria and cancer. In our earlier work, such an extract showed better potency than artemisinin alone against both chloroquine-sensitive and -resistant parasites. In this study, in vitro tests of(More)
A research organization or graphics house often has a need for custom pictures for presentations or other purposes. These pictures may be prohibitively expensive, if not impossible to create, if they are produced by a commercial art firm. For groups that have such a need, an in-house computer-controlled camera may be a solution. To develop a quality system,(More)
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