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This book proposes a theory of the distribution of adverbial adjuncts in a Principles and Parameters framework, claiming that there are few syntactic principles specific to adverbials; rather, for the most part, adverbials adjoin freely to any projection. Adjuncts' possible hierarchical positions are determined by whether they can receive a proper(More)
This paper is designed to illustrate and consider the relations between three types of metarepresentational ability used in verbal comprehension: the ability to metarepresent attributed thoughts, the ability to metarepresent attributed utterances, and the ability to metarepresent abstract, non-attributed representations (e.g. sentence types, utterance(More)
Gentrification has changed in ways that are related to larger economic and political restructuring. Among these changes is the return of heavy state intervention in the process. This paper explores heightened state involvement in gentrification by examining the process in three New York City neighbourhoods: Clinton, Long Island City, and DUMBO (Down Under(More)
Application profiles enable " mixing and matching " metadata elements, in order to meet specific requirements for a particular context. As an example, some communities may want to make certain elements mandatory or restrict the value space of a particular element. However, there is much confusion and only limited experience and expertise in the development(More)
We present an agent-based simulation model developed to study how size, complexity and effort relate to each other in the development of open source software (OSS). In the model, many developer agents generate, extend, and refactor code modules independently and in parallel. This accords with empirical observations of OSS development. To our knowledge, this(More)
We report on the case of a polyglot savant (Christopher) who has a remarkable talent for learning and translating languages. Building on previous work which had established both the range of languages at Christopher's command and the extent to which his linguistic knowledge was integrated into his cognitive ability, we taught him two new languages for which(More)