Neil S Harris

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NaCl stress is a major abiotic stress limiting the productivity and the geographical distribution of many plant species. Roots are the primary site of salinity perception. To understand better NaCl stress responses in Arabidopsis roots, a comparative proteomic analysis of roots that had been exposed to 150 mM NaCl for either 6 h or 48 h was conducted.(More)
Cadmium accumulation in grain of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) represents a concern to consumers. In an effort to understand the regulation of Cd accumulation in maturing grain, the remobilization of 109Cd applied to stem and flag leaves was examined in two near-isogenic lines that differ in grain Cd accumulation. Absorbed 109Cd was(More)
Recent imaging and clinical studies have challenged the concept that the functional role of the cerebellum is exclusively in the motor domain. We present evidence of slowed covert orienting of visuospatial attention in patients with developmental cerebellar abnormality (patients with autism, a disorder in which at least 90% of all postmortem cases reported(More)
Cadmium (Cd) concentrations in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var durum) grain grown in North American prairie soils often exceed proposed international trade standards. To understand the physiological processes responsible for elevated Cd accumulation in shoots and grain, Cd uptake and translocation were studied in seedlings of a pair of near-isogenic(More)
BACKGROUND As real-time quantitative PCR (RT-QPCR) is increasingly being relied upon for the enforcement of legislation and regulations dependent upon the trace detection of DNA, focus has increased on the quality issues related to the technique. Recent work has focused on the identification of factors that contribute towards significant measurement(More)
Concentrations of cadmium (Cd) in the grain of many durum wheats (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum) grown in North American prairie soils often exceed international trade standards. Genotypic differences in root-to-shoot translocation of Cd are a major determinant of intraspecific variation in the accumulation of Cd in grain. We tested the extent to which(More)
PURPOSE To examine the epidemiology of hospital admissions for acute pancreatitis in the United States. METHODS We compiled data from the 1988-2003 National Hospital Discharge Survey and analyzed it with respect to patient demographics, hospital type and region, procedures performed, length of hospital stay, and inpatient mortality. RESULTS Hospital(More)
These studies provide evidence for slowed spatial orienting of attention in autism. A group of well-defined adult autistic subjects and age-matched normal controls performed a traditional spatial cueing task in which attention-related response facilitation is indexed by speed of target detection. To address the concern that motor impairment may interfere(More)
GnRH-binding sites have previously been described in human breast tumors, and a GnRH agonist has been shown to inhibit growth of the MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line. We have investigated the presence of GnRH-binding sites in ZR-75-1, MDA-MB-231, Sk Br 3, MDA-MB-157, and MCF-7 human breast cancer cell lines and the effect of GnRH analogs on the(More)
BACKGROUND The comet-tail technique of chest ultrasonography has been described for the diagnosis of cardiogenic pulmonary edema. This is the first report describing its use for the diagnosis and monitoring of high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), the leading cause of death from altitude illness. METHODS Eleven consecutive patients presenting to the(More)