Neil S. Cameron

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The dispersion of polymer-covered gold nanoparticles in high molecular weight (MW) polymer matrixes is reported. Complete particle dispersion was achieved for PS125-Au in the polystyrene (PS) matrixes studied (up to and including Mn = 80 000 g/mol). PS19-Au, on the other hand, exhibits complete dispersion in a low MW PS matrix (Mn = 2000 g/mol) but only(More)
A series of polymer-coated Au nanoparticles have been prepared using the "grafting-to" approach. Thiol-terminated polystyrene and poly(ethylene oxide) ligands are found to form dense brushes on the faceted gold nanoparticle surfaces. Depending on the polymer, the ligand grafting densities on the gold nanoparticles are 1.2- to 23.5-fold greater than those(More)
We discuss thermoforming of thermoplastic polymers for the hot-embossing lithographic (HEL) fabrication of microfluidic chips near equilibrium conditions that minimize elastic recoil for optimal motif replication. While HEL is often simplistically described as the transfer of micro- and nano-motifs into heat-softened thermoplastic materials, we describe our(More)
The transition of MEMS technology to nano fabrication is a solution to the growing demand for smaller and high-density feature sizes in the nanometer scale. Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) techniques for fabricating micro- and nano-features are discussed including hot embossing lithography (HEL), UV Molding (UVM) and micro contact printing (microCP). Recent(More)
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