Neil R Stockmaster

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The Combitube (Tyco-Kendall, Mansfield, MA) is a supraglottic airway device that has been used as an adjunct in the management of a difficult airway after failed attempts at endotracheal intubation both during cardiopulmonary arrest and in the setting of acute trauma (Fig 1). This device has replaced the previous esophageal obturator airway due to several(More)
BACKGROUND Forward Surgical Teams (FSTs) are 20-person units designed to perform front-line, life-saving combat surgery. This study compares the employment, injuries encountered, and workload of an airborne FST in two widely varying campaigns. METHODS The 250th FST provided far forward surgery for initial entry assaults and follow-on stability operations(More)
OBJECTIVE The contribution of cardiogenic shock to in-hospital mortality has not decreased significantly despite prompt revascularization, advances in medical therapy, and mechanical circulatory support. For patients in cardiogenic shock, mechanical circulatory support has been provided by a variety of devices. We report the outcome of the Impella device(More)
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