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Social media such as Twitter generate large quantities of data about what a person is thinking and doing in a particular location. We leverage this data to build models of locations to improve our understanding of a user's geographic context. Understanding the user's geographic context can in turn enable a variety of services that allow us to present(More)
—Identifying the people in photos is an important need for users of photo management systems. We present MediAssist, one such system which facilitates browsing, searching and semi-automatic annotation of personal photos, using analysis of both image content and the context in which the photo is captured. This semi-automatic annotation includes annotation of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Short-wave diathermy (SWD) is widely available, yet a comprehensive examination of current clinical practice remains absent from the literature. The present paper aims to assess clinical and safety issues in continuous (CSWD) and pulsed (PSWD) short-wave diathermy application and subsequently indicate areas for future research. (More)
We present work which organises personal digital photo collections based on contextual information, such as time and location, combined with content-based analysis such as face detection and other feature detectors. The MediAssist demonstration system illustrates the results of our research into digital photo management, showing how a combination of(More)
Short-wave diathermy (SWD), a form of radiofrequency radiation used therapeutically by physiotherapists, may be applied in continuous (CSWD) or pulsed (PSWD) mode using either capacitive or inductive methods. Stray radiation emitted by these units may exceed exposure guidelines close to the equipment. Discrepant guidelines exist on a safe distance from an(More)
A force platform is a technical method of quantitatively assessing balance indirectly. The use of force platforms in physiotherapy departments has become more prominent over the last few years. However, the main drawback in the use of force platforms is the lack of comprehensive calibration procedures, which casts doubt on the results obtained with these(More)
The increased online presence of jihadists has raised the possibility of individuals being radicalised via the Internet. To date, the study of violent radicalisation has focused on dedicated jihadist websites and forums. This may not be the ideal starting point for such research, as participants in these venues may be described as "already made-up minds".(More)
Handheld computing devices are becoming highly connected devices with high capacity storage. This has resulted in their being able to support storage of, and access to, personal photo archives. However the only means for mobile device users to browse such archives is typically a simple one-by-one scroll through image thumbnails in the order that they were(More)
PURPOSE Ultraviolet phototherapy is a widely used treatment which has exceptional success with a variety of skin conditions. Over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) can however be detrimental and cause side effects such as erythema, photokeratisis, and even skin cancer. Quantifying patient dose is therefore imperative to ensure biologically effective(More)
Oesophagectomy, necessitating vagotomy, is associated with delayed gastric emptying. Cisapride and erythromycin have prokinetic effects and improve emptying of the innervated stomach. Their effect on the denervated stomach following oesophagectomy is unknown. The effect of pyloroplasty, cisapride and erythromycin on the rate of gastric emptying after(More)