Neil Montgomery

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BACKGROUND The aim of screening is to detect a cancer in the preclinical state. However, a false-positive or a false-negative test result is a real possibility. METHODS We describe invasive breast cancer progression in the Canadian National Breast Screening Study and construct progression models with and without covariates. The effect of risk factors on(More)
Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of breast cancer screening requires estimates of the absolute risk of breast cancer, which is modified by various risk factors. Breast cancer incidence, and thus mortality, is altered by the occurrence of competing events. More accurate estimates of competing risks should improve the estimation of absolute risk of breast(More)
In this paper we propose a multi-agent framework for sensor based surveillance. We use a multi-agent approach for an event management system. We validate our multi-agent based event management system for the recognition of normal and antisocial bus passenger behaviours. Classification accuracies of between 80-90% were obtained for each of the five(More)
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