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Completion Time and Response Order Effects in Web Surveys
The use of the World Wide Web to conduct surveys has grown rapidly over the past decade, raising concerns regarding data quality, questionnaire design, and sample representativeness. This researchExpand
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Irrelevant events affect voters' evaluations of government performance
Does information irrelevant to government performance affect voting behavior? If so, how does this help us understand the mechanisms underlying voters’ retrospective assessments of candidates’Expand
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Publication bias in the social sciences: Unlocking the file drawer
The file drawer is full. Should we worry? Experiments that produce null results face a higher barrier to publication than those that yield statistically significant differences. Whether this is aExpand
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Myopic Voters and Natural Disaster Policy
Do voters effectively hold elected officials accountable for policy decisions? Using data on natural disasters, government spending, and election returns, we show that voters reward the incumbentExpand
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Economic Explanations for Opposition to Immigration: Distinguishing between Prevalence and Conditional Impact
What explains variation in individuals’ opposition to immigration? While scholars have consistently shown cultural concerns to be strong predictors of opposition, findings regarding the labor-marketExpand
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The Origins and Consequences of Affective Polarization in the United States
While previously polarization was primarily seen only in issue-based terms, a new type of division has emerged in the mass public in recent years: Ordinary Americans increasingly dislike and distru...
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Do Statistical Reporting Standards Affect What Is Published? Publication Bias in Two Leading Political Science Journals
Do Statistical Reporting Standards Affect What Is Published? Publication Bias in Two Leading Political Science Journals
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Publication Bias in Empirical Sociological Research
Despite great attention to the quality of research methods in individual studies, if publication decisions of journals are a function of the statistical significance of research findings, theExpand
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Retrospective Voting Reconsidered
We review advances in the study of retrospective voting, or how citizens evaluate and act on their perceptions of government performance. As a whole, the recent literature provides a more completeExpand
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Attributing Blame: The Public's Response to Hurricane Katrina
When government fails, whom do citizens blame? Do these assessments rely on biased or content-rich information? Despite the vast literatures on retrospective voting in political science andExpand
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