Neil MacNaughton

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The Oracle Database In-Memory Option allows Oracle to function as the industry-first dual-format in-memory database. Row formats are ideal for OLTP workloads which typically use indexes to limit their data access to a small set of rows, while column formats are better suited for Analytic operations which typically examine a small number of columns from a(More)
Cache Fusion TM is a fundamental component of Oracle’s Real Application Cluster configuration, a shared-cache clustered-database architecture that transparently extends database applications from single systems to multi-node shared-disk clusters. In classic shared-disk implementations, the disk is the medium for data sharing and data blocks are shipped(More)
The buffer manager is integral to the performance, scalability, and reliability of Oracle’s Universal Dam Server, a high performance object-relational database manager that provides robust data-management services for a variety of applications and tools. The rich functionality of the Universal Data Server poses special challenges to the design of the buffer(More)
Over the last few years, the information technology industry has witnessed revolutions in multiple dimensions. Increasing ubiquitous sources of data have posed two connected challenges to data management solutions – processing unprecedented volumes of data, and providing ad-hoc real-time analysis in mainstream production data stores without compromising(More)
Propelled by a national concern with social justice and health disparities, the notion of cultural competency is being incorporated into both government regulation and professional standards. Although most of the standards that are being developed nationally apply at the institutional level, it is in the clinical setting where the expectation of cultural(More)
Professional nurses are challenged by the increasing complexity of their own healthcare delivery systems and by the growing interconnectivity of healthcare systems worldwide. There are increasing calls for practice across boundaries; however, the role and scope of nursing practice within individual countries are often unclear, ill-defined, and misunderstood(More)
Many studies examining Latino health-seeking behavior have focused on comparing Latinos with other ethnic groups, primarily with Whites and African Americans. However, without the benefit of intragroup or intracultural comparisons, such studies fail to identify the subtle variation in health-seeking strategies and the range of needs within the Latino ethnic(More)
A lthough it’s well documented that men have been in the nursing profession for centuries, the contributions of men in the profession have been historically minimized.1-6 Florence Nightingale, widely honored as the founder of modern nursing, purposefully excluded men from entering the profession.1,6 She believed that nursing was a natural extension of the(More)