Neil Katz

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Spaces with radially symmetric curvature at base point p are shown to be diffeomorphic to space forms. Furthermore, they are either isomet-ric to R n or S n under a radially symmetric metric, to RP n with Riemannian universal covering of S n equipped with a radially symmetric metric, or else have constant curvature outside a metric ball of radius equal to(More)
A. in political science and M.S. in history education), and two baccalaureate degrees (i.e. political science and English literature). His Ph.D. dissertation research at the University of New Orleans was focused on " A Revolutionary Perspective on Social Movements: Fundamentalism in the Islamic World. " He has collected and coded every Islamic(More)
The practice of medicine and biomedical research has become information based, which enhances safety, efficiency, and the effectiveness of the health enterprise. Informational sources such as entire mapped genome systems, advance imaging techniques, health screening technologies and individualized medical plans require advanced analytical engines.(More)
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