Neil K. Fennelly

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Certain bacteria use a type III secretion system (TTSS) to deliver effector proteins that interfere with cell function into host cells. While transcription of genes encoding TTSS components has been demonstrated, studies to date have failed to identify TTSS effector proteins in Bordetella pertussis. Here we present the first evidence of a functionally(More)
Notwithstanding the lack of definitive evidence from studies conducted to date, inflammatory infiltrates and iron deposition in the leptomeninges are routinely used as forensic markers of traumatic brain injury. We investigated the presence of these forensic markers of trauma in neonates and infants, with the objective of determining their suitability for(More)
The effect of advances in cardiac arrest management over the last five decades on in-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates is not clear. Data on 212 arrests between January 2010 and May 2013 were retrospectively analyzed by means of an audit form based upon the Utstein template for in-hospital cardiac arrest, with a view to identifying significant(More)
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