Neil Jones

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MOTIVATION The efficient and accurate computation of P-values is an essential requirement for motif-finding and alignment tools. We show that the approximation algorithms used in two popular motif-finding programs, MEME and Consensus, can fail to accurately compute the P-value. RESULTS We present two new algorithms: one for the evaluation of the P-values(More)
L'interprétation abstraite est un cadre très général permettant l'utilisation sûre d'approximations d'un point de vue sémantique. Cette théorie est utilisée princi-palement dans l'analyse de programmes et permet la conception de programmes calculant automatiquement les propriétés de programmes. Ces analyseurs s'ap-puient sur des structures de données(More)
The molecular basis of schizophrenia is poorly understood; however, different brain regions are believed to play distinct roles in disease symptomology. We have studied gene expression in the superior temporal cortex (Brodmann area 22; BA22), which may play a role in positive pathophysiology, and compared our results with data from the anterior prefrontal(More)
MOTIVATION Effective algorithms for finding relatively weak motifs are an important practical necessity while scanning long DNA sequences for regulatory elements. The success of such an algorithm hinges on the ability of its scoring function combined with a significance analysis test to discern real motifs from random noise. RESULTS In the first half of(More)
  • Rene' G Feichtinger, Franz Zimmermann, Johannes A Mayr, Daniel Neureiter, Cornelia Hauser-Kronberger, Freimut H Schilling +3 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) has been associated with carcinogenesis in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. In the present study we investigated components of the oxidative phosphorylation system in human neuroblastoma tissue samples. METHODS Spectrophotometric measurements, immunohistochemical analysis and Western blot analysis were used to(More)
Prophylactic platelet concentrates transfusion represents a therapeutic choice in patients with chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia. This prospective, non-interventional study evaluated the effects of platelet concentrates transfusion on thromboelastometric parameters of platelet function in 36 transfusion occasions for 11 thrombocytopenic children(More)
INTRODUCTION Hip fractures are a leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide, and the number of hip fractures is expected to rise to over 6 million per year by 2050. The optimal approach for the surgical management of displaced femoral neck fractures remains unknown. Current evidence suggests the use of arthroplasty; however, there is lack of(More)
Prolonged psychophysiological reactions to negative information have long been associated with negative thinking and feeling. This association is operationalized in the RDoC negative affect construct of loss, which is nominally indexed by prolonged physiological reactivity, cognitive loss-related constructs such as rumination and guilt, and more(More)
BACKGROUND Crohn's disease (CD) is associated with depression. It is unclear if psychosocial interventions offer benefit for depressive symptoms during active CD. In this secondary analysis of a larger study of treating depression in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease, we assessed whether cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) would differentiate from(More)