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Defining and Understanding Mental Toughness within Soccer
Despite the widespread use of the term “mental toughness” by performers, coaches and sport psychology consultant’s alike, it is only recently that researchers (e.g., Jones, Hanton, & Connaughton,Expand
Stressors in elite sport: A coach perspective
Evidence that coaches experience a variety of stressors that adds weight to the argument that they should be labelled as “performers” in their own right is provided. Expand
Developing mental toughness: Perceptions of elite female gymnasts
Abstract The present study examined how elite female gymnasts developed their mental toughness. Following semistructured interviews with 10 elite performers, inductive content analysis revealed fourExpand
Batting on a sticky wicket: Identifying sources of stress and associated coping strategies for professional cricket batsmen
Abstract Objectives The purpose of this study was to examine the sources of stress and associated coping strategies as reported by professional cricket batters. Methods Nine male professional cricketExpand
A motivational music and video intervention improves high-intensity exercise performance.
The study examined the ergogenic effect of a motivational (M) video and music intervention on high-intensity exercise performance in comparison to a non-motivational (NM) condition and a control (CON). Expand
A Qualitative Exploration of Psychological-Skills Use in Coaches
The current study examined whether, where, when, and for what purposes coaches use psychological skills. A total of 13 elite-level coaches completed a structured interview using open-ended questionsExpand
Examining relationships between emotional intelligence and coaching efficacy
Abstract The study examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and coaching efficacy. Ninety‐nine coaches completed the Emotional Intelligence Scale and the Coaching Efficacy Scale withExpand
Validity of the emotional intelligence scale for use in sport.
Investigation of a self-report emotional intelligence for use in sport indicates that a single-item model shows poor fit with acceptable fit indices for a 6-factor model. Expand
Using Psychological Skills Training to Develop Soccer Performance
The present study examined the effects of a soccer, midfielder-specific psychological skills intervention comprising relaxation, imagery and self-talk on position-specific performance measures. UsingExpand
Stress and Coping in Single-Handed Round-the-World Ocean Sailing
The present study sought to examine the various stressors faced, and associated coping strategies employed, by five single-handed sailors entered into the 2006/2007 Velux 5 Oceans round-the-worldExpand