Neil J Williams

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We present a reconstruction of the vegetation history of the last glacial–interglacial cycle (ca. 75 k cal. yr BP–present) at Redhead Lagoon, an enclosed lake basin in coastal, eastern New South Wales, Australia. The sequence of vegetation change at the site is broadly comparable with the pattern of climatically induced changes observed in many other pollen(More)
The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) has advanced the SURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction (SCOOP) program as a multi-institution collaboration to design and prototype a modular, distributed system for real-time prediction and visualization of the coastal impacts from extreme atmospheric events, including hurricane inundation and(More)
The idea is examined that steric crowding in ligands can lead to diminution of the chelation enhanced fluorescence (CHEF) effect in complexes of the small Zn(II) ion as compared to the larger Cd(II) ion. Steric crowding is less severe for the larger ion and for the smaller Zn(II) ion leads to Zn-N bond length distortion, which allows some quenching of(More)
The selectivity of the rigid ligand PDA (1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid) for some M(III) (M = metal) ions is presented. The structure of [Fe(PDA(H)(1/2))(H(2)O)(3)] (ClO(4))(2).3H(2)O.(1)/(2)H(5)O(2) (1) is reported: triclinic, P1, a = 7.9022(16) A, b = 12.389(3) A, c = 13.031(3) A, alpha = 82.55(3) degrees , beta = 88.41(3) degrees , gamma =(More)
Measurements of excess attenuation from near-surface bubbles from the Shallow Water '06 experiment are reported. These are transmission measurements made over the frequency range 1-20 kHz, and they demonstrate a frequency, grazing angle, and wind speed dependence in attenuation. Data modeling points to bubble void fractions of order 10(-6) in effect for(More)