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Gentrification has changed in ways that are related to larger economic and political restructuring. Among these changes is the return of heavy state intervention in the process. This paper explores heightened state involvement in gentrification by examining the process in three New York City neighbourhoods: Clinton, Long Island City, and DUMBO (Down Under(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the initial encouraging outcome in developing CBT for bipolar affective disorder [Arch. Gen. Psychiatry 2002 (in press); Psychol. Med. 31 (2001) 459-467], very little is known about whether there are any differences in dysfunctional attitudes between unipolar and bipolar patients. Both the behavioural activation system theory [J. Pers.(More)
BACKGROUND Extramural vascular invasion (EMVI) is a poor prognostic feature in colorectal cancer. The accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in detecting EMVI and predicting relapse-free survival (RFS) was compared retrospectively with the histological reference standard. METHODS Preoperative magnetic resonance images from patients diagnosed with(More)
Colon cancer patients routinely undergo preoperative computed tomography (CT) scanning, but local staging is thought to be inaccurate. We aimed to determine if clinical outcome could be predicted from radiological features of the primary tumour. Consecutive patients at one hospital undergoing primary resection for colon cancer during 2000-2004 were(More)
OBJECTIVE Extramural vascular invasion is a pathologic feature predictive of distant relapse and poor survival among patients with colorectal cancer. This article illustrates the use of high-spatial-resolution MRI to identify extramural vascular invasion. CONCLUSION Objective MRI features that correlate with histopathologic findings can be identified and(More)
BACKGROUND It is postulated that depressed patients who engaged in self-focused rumination on their depressive symptoms may experience more hopelessness, more interpersonal distress and poorer social functioning while patients who distract themselves may experience less severe hopelessness and better social functioning. METHOD One-hundred and nine(More)
A prospective study of injuries encountered during participation in a summer soccer camp for youths aged 6 through 17 years revealed an injury incidence of 10.6 per 1000 hours for girls (107 injuries in 458 girls) and 7.3 per 1000 hours for boys (109 injuries in 681 boys). For both sexes, the incidence of injury increased at age 14 years. One certified(More)
A sand column leaching system with well-controlled suction and flow rate was built to investigate the effects on bacterial transport of air-water interface effects (AWI) correlated to water content, particle size, and column length. Adsorption of Escherichia coli strain D to silica sands was measured in batch tests. The average % adsorption for coarse and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy, dose, and safety profile, including neurophysiological testing of thalidomide used in 59 patients (including 23 with Behçet's disease) to treat severe oral or genital ulceration (OGU). METHODS We identified prospectively subjects (including women of childbearing potential) who had persistent OGU over periods lasting one(More)