Neil J. Ross

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The field of quantum algorithms is vibrant. Still, there is currently a lack of programming languages for describing quantum computation on a practical scale, i.e., not just at the level of toy problems. We address this issue by introducing Quipper, a scalable, expressive, functional, higher-order quantum programming language. Quipper has been used to(More)
Quipper is a recently developed programming language for expressing quantum computations. This paper gives a brief tutorial introduction to the language, through a demonstration of how to make use of some of its key features. We illustrate many of Quipper’s language features by developing a few well known examples of Quantum computation, including quantum(More)
Given a gate set S universal for quantum computing, the problem of decomposing a unitary operator U into a circuit over S is known as the synthesis problem. This problem can be solved exactly, if U belongs to the set of circuits generated by S. Otherwise, it can be solved approximately, by finding a circuit U ′ such that ||U ′ −U || < for some chosen(More)
1 This work was partly supported by a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (United Kingdom) and Advanced Power Components (Rochester, United Kingdom). Abstract The use of behavioural modelling for operational amplifiers has been well known for many years and previous work has included modelling of specific fault conditions using(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the distribution of pace self-selected by cyclists of varying ability, biological age and sex performing in a mountain bike World Championship event. Data were collected on cyclists performing in the Elite Male (ELITEmale; n = 75), Elite Female (ELITEfemale; n = 50), Under 23 Male (U23male; n = 62), Under 23 Female(More)
A retrospective study was carried out using 3 606 medical files of nine detention centers in France, over a three-month period (May to July 1997). The files were analyzed to determine, age, type of addiction and subsequent type of therapy proposed: methadone, high-dose buprenorphine or abstinence. A comparison was then made to determine whether or not there(More)
Despite the rich literature on quantum algorithms, there is a surprisingly small amount of coverage of their concrete logical design and implementation. Most resource estimation is done at the level of complexity analysis, but actual concrete numbers (of quantum gates, qubits, etc.) can differ by orders of magnitude. The line of work we present here is a(More)