Neil J. McDonald

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This paper describes an integrated Physiological Sensor Suite (PSS) based upon QUASAR's innovative non-invasive bioelectric sensor technologies that will provide, for the first time, a fully integrated, noninvasive methodology for physiological sensing. The PSS currently under development at QUASAR is a state-of-the-art multimodal array of sensors that,(More)
This paper describes a compact, lightweight and ultra-low power ambulatory wireless EEG system based upon QUASAR's innovative noninvasive bioelectric sensor technologies. The sensors operate through hair without skin preparation or conductive gels. Mechanical isolation built into the harness permits the recording of high quality EEG data during ambulation.(More)
This paper describes a wireless multi-channel system for zero-prep electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements in operational settings. The EEG sensors are based upon a novel hybrid (capacitive/resistive) bioelectrode technology that requires no modification to the skin’s outer layer. High impedance techniques developed for QUASAR’s capacitive electrocardiogram(More)
THE bispectral index (BIS, Aspect Medical Systems Inc., Newton, MA) is a processed electroencephalographic variable which correlates with depth of hypnosis in adult patients during general anesthesia. It has also been used clinically to guide anesthetic drug administration, and to quantify the pharmacodynamic action of anesthetic drugs in the laboratory(More)
PURPOSE Neonatal seizures are a common neurologic diagnosis in neonatal intensive care units, occurring in approximately 14,000 newborns annually in the United States. Although the only reliable means of detecting and treating neonatal seizures is with an electroencephalography (EEG) recording, many neonates do not receive an EEG or experience delays in(More)
The Cognitive State Assessment Competition 2011 was organized by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to compare the performance of real-time cognitive state classification software. This paper presents results for QUASAR's data classification module, QStates, which is a software package for real-time (and off-line) analysis of physiologic data(More)
We report the results of an experiment designed to construct and test a robust multimodal system for automatic classification of cognitive overload. With the assistance of The Scripps Research Institute, twenty-two experienced gamers performed a first-person shooter combat simulation while multiple biosignals and performance were recorded. Signals included(More)
This paper describes measurements made using an ECG system with QUASAR's capacitive bioelectrodes integrated into a pad system that is placed over a chair. QUASAR's capacitive bioelectrode has the property of measuring bioelectric potentials at a small separation from the body. This enables the measurement of ECG signals through fabric, without the removal(More)
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