Neil J. Balmforth

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We study advection–diffusion of a passive scalar, T , by an incompressible fluid in a closed vessel bounded by walls impermeable to the fluid. Variations in T are produced by prescribing a steady non-uniform distribution of T at the boundary. Because there is no flow through the walls, molecular diffusion, κ, is essential in 'lifting' T off the boundary and(More)
We present estimates of the amplitudes of intrinsi-cally stable stochastically excited radial oscillations in stars near the main sequence. The amplitudes are determined by the balance between acoustical energy generation by turbulent con-vection (the Lighthill mechanism) and linear damping. Convec-tion is treated with a time-dependent, nonlocal,(More)
Oscillations generated by flow of magmatic or hyrothermal fluids through tabular channels in elastic rocks are a possible source of low-frequency seismicity. We assess the conditions required to generate oscillations of ∼1Hz via hydrodynamic flow insta-bilities (roll waves), flow-destabilized standing waves set up on the elastic channel walls (wall modes),(More)