Neil J. Balmforth

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Analytical estimates of the rate at which energy is extracted from the barotropic tide at topography and converted into internal gravity waves are given. The ocean is idealized as an inviscid, vertically unbounded fluid on the f plane. The gravity waves are treated by linear theory and freely escape to z ϭ ϱ. Several topographies are investigated: a(More)
The dynamics of a globally coupled, logistic map lattice is explored over a parameter plane consisting of the coupling strength, ⑀, and the map parameter, a. By considering simple periodic orbits of relatively small lattices, and then an extensive set of initial-value calculations, the phenomenology of solutions over the parameter plane is broadly(More)
We present a theoretical and experimental analysis of the dam break of a vis-coplastic fluid in a horizontal channel. A shallow, slow fluid model based on the Herschel-Bulkley constitutive law allows one to characterize the early and late stages of the flow, the final state and the dependence on yield stress and nonlinear viscosity. A particular diagnostic(More)