Neil J Baker

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We have developed a new approach for producing high performance sampled Bragg gratings in planar waveguides as a platform for WDM on-chip signal processing in a compact integrated device. Using this method we have successfully integrated a shadow mask directly onto a chalcogenide (As(2)S(3)) waveguide using standard semiconductor processing, eliminating(More)
We have written a sampled Bragg grating into a highly photosensitive chalcogenide (As(2)S(3)) rib-waveguide using a scanning Sagnac interferometer. The grating exhibits evenly spaced rejection peaks over a 40 nm bandwidth. We estimate the induced refractive index change of the waveguide to be over 0.03 by matching the measured spectrum to numerical(More)
Multiple reports have concluded that healthcare does not reliably meet patient needs and can even cause harm. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has adapted reliability principles and methods from other industries and applied them in healthcare with promising results in hospital settings. This article describes how one outpatient system(More)
Patients, not healthcare providers, are the primary managers of their health conditions. Current healthcare falls short of providing the kind of support that patients need to optimally manage their conditions. But there are simple and effective self-management support tools and methods that are easy to learn and can be used within the time constraints of(More)
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has long supported the use of balanced measures to assess improvement among patients at both the individual and the population levels. Although biomedical outcomes and process measures have been widely accepted, patient-reported measures are still not in widespread use. The most common use of such measures is at the(More)
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