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Current affordable architectures for high-speed display of shaded 3D objects operate orders of magnitude too slowly. Recent advances in floating point chip technology have outpaced polygon fill time, making the memory access bottleneck between the drawing processor and the frame buffer the most significant factor to be accelerated. Massively parallel VLSI(More)
AIMS To describe and evaluate trends in the use of stimulant drugs over a 5-year period using an under-studied data collection method. DESIGN Repeated-measures cross-sectional survey. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Annual magazine-based survey targeting people who use stimulant drugs in dance contexts. MEASUREMENTS Life-time use prevalence (ever used), age(More)
AIMS To describe and assess trends in the use of hallucinogens and other adjunct drugs over a 5-year period. DESIGN Repeated-measures cross-sectional survey. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Annual magazine-based survey targeting people who use drugs in dance contexts. MEASUREMENTS Lifetime use prevalence (ever used); age of first use; current use prevalence(More)
We present a series of four U-shaped sacral fractures, a fracture pattern that is poorly recognised and not included in the standard classifications of these fractures. These fractures are significant as they represent spino-pelvic dissociation, have a high incidence of neurological complications and information regarding current treatment options is(More)
This article discusses the various algorithms that make up the Netflix recommender system, and describes its business purpose. We also describe the role of search and related algorithms, which for us turns into a recommendations problem as well. We explain the motivations behind and review the approach that we use to improve the recommendation algorithms,(More)
AIMS To investigate whether a stimulant- and alcohol-focused brief motivational intervention induces positive behaviour change among young, regular users of MDMA ('ecstasy'), cocaine powder and crack cocaine. DESIGN AND MEASUREMENTS A randomized trial of the intervention versus a control group who received written health risk information materials only.(More)
Viagra use among British nightclubbers, a sentinel population of illicit drug users, was first reported in 1999. There has since been little attention paid to the evolution of patterns of non-prescribed use, apart from among men who have sex with men. Beginning in 1999 an annual survey has been conducted with a specialist dance music magazine, permitting(More)
No official document has been published for primary care physicians regarding the management of liver transplant patients. With no official source of reference, primary care physicians often question their care of these patients. The following guidelines have been approved by the American Society of Transplantation and represent the position of the(More)