Neil H. Schwartz

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Several symptoms associated with chronic pain, including fatigue and depression, are characterized by reduced motivation to initiate or complete goal-directed tasks. However, it is unknown whether maladaptive modifications in neural circuits that regulate motivation occur during chronic pain. Here, we demonstrate that the decreased motivation elicited in(More)
The NASA Classroom of the Future sponsored a residential training course to help teachers learn to use computer-based educational tools and explore constructivist instructional approaches. Researchers hypothesized that creating a living-and-learning environment for the training would foster rapid changes in teachers’ epistemological beliefs.(More)
Two experiments tested the hypothesis that the cognitive representation of spatial relations on a map is primarily a visually keyed process. In Experiment 1, undergraduates studied a labeled map where features were presented either as words alone, as mimetic drawings of the referent, or as geometric symbols. Cued recall data showed that discrete features(More)
We believe hypermedia environments need to be defined by their capacity to in teract effectively with the limitations and constraints of students' cognitive informat ion processing system. In this study, we contrasted four navigational platforms to test t h e hypothesis that the development of configurational knowledge increases learners ' abilities to (a)(More)
Quantitative and qualitative data from 43 self-help groups for parents of children with cancer were examined to identify the nature and types of parents' active roles in these groups. Group interviews with 43 self-help groups and individual questionnaires from 131 parent-members indicate that parent active roles in self-help groups often emerge at three(More)
Apical membrane of renal proximal tubule cells is extremely sensitive to ischemia, with structural alterations occurring within 5 min. These changes are felt secondary to actin cytoskeletal disruption, yet the mechanism responsible is unknown. Actin depolymerizing factor (ADF), a 19-kDa actin-binding protein, has recently been shown to play an important(More)