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We chemically synthesized 20 peptides corresponding to 75% of the HA1 molecule of the influenza virus. Antibodies to the majority (18) of these peptides were capable of reacting with the hemagglutinin molecule. These 18 peptides are not confined to the known antigenic determinants of the hemagglutinin molecule, but rather are scattered throughout its(More)
Two hundred and forty-five knee dislocations were analyzed including forty-one new cases. The high incidence of injuries to the popliteal artery that accompanies this lesion (32 per cent) was confirmed, and it was re-emphasized that vascular repair must be completed within six or at the most eight hours from the time of injury to avoid amputation. Of the(More)
Stress fractures are a common injury in an active population. As children become increasingly involved in organized sports, the recognition of stress fractures and differentiation from infections or neoplasms requires a knowledge of their most common sites, presentation, and clinical course. We retrospectively reviewed 34 stress fractures in 32 skeletally(More)
Sixteen split posterior tibial-tendon transfers, usually with heel-cord lengthening, were performed on sixteen children with spastic cerebral palsy and equinovarus deformities. The patients were followed for a minimum of two years postoperatively. All of the varus deformities were corrected, although two patients required an osteotomy of the calcaneus(More)
The population characteristics of the linear envelopes of the electromyograms measured from seven lower extremity muscles in children were studied during locomotion. The variability and changes in pattern with respect to walking speed and age were investigated using statistical properties and analysis of variance of the envelopes. All muscles studied showed(More)
BACKGROUND There recently has been a resurgence in the utilization of ketamine, a unique anesthetic, for emergency-department procedures requiring sedation. The purpose of the present study was to examine the safety and efficacy of ketamine for sedation in the treatment of children's fractures in the emergency department. METHODS One hundred and fourteen(More)
Lemierre's syndrome, a systemic anaerobic infection caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum, is characterized by an acute oropharyngeal infection, septic thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular vein, sepsis, and multiple metastatic infections. It commonly leads to septic arthritis and occasionally to osteomyelitis. In the preantibiotic era, this infection was(More)