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Bile peritonitis can occur when a T-tube is electively removed from the common bile duct, but this is regarded as a rare complication. Plastic T-tubes are known to increase the risk and should not be used. Latex rubber T-tubes are preferred but the complication can still occur. We present three patients with this complication despite the use of a latex(More)
There are few published data on the ranges of available motion at the shoulder and no clinical technique for the assessment of three dimensional movement. An electromagnetic movement sensor (Isotrak), which makes three dimensional measurements of shoulder movement and measures the ranges of flexion, extension, abduction in the neutral position, abduction(More)
Prosthetic rehabilitation and prosthetic limb use in patients over 90 years of age have not been studied in detail. This study reports two concurrent successful cases and a review of registered patients aged over 90. Satisfactory outcomes often occur in this population and such patients should be referred for prosthetic rehabilitation, regardless of(More)
  • N C Fyfe
  • 1990
Most lower limb amputations in the United Kingdom (UK) are carried out within general surgical, orthopaedic and plastic surgical units of district hospitals. This study of patients referred for rehabilitation was undertaken to determine the number and specialty interests of surgeons referring amputees, the numbers referred by each and, as one of several(More)
We describe two patients with painful follicular keratoses at lower limb amputation sites. Subsequent examination of 31 amputees revealed evidence of keratoses in four of 28 patients with lower limb stumps. Two of the four affected subjects experienced stump pain exacerbated by weight-bearing. This problem is not well documented. Local treatment measures(More)
Non-filarial tropical elephantiasis, which occurs in certain volcanic areas of the world, has been postulated to be an obstructive lymphopathy due to the fibrogenic effects of silica absorbed through the plantar skin of bare-footed people. Animal experiments involving the direct intralymphatic injection of fine silica particles have been carried out in(More)
Lymph node fibrosis is a significant feature in patients with primary lymphoedema. Its importance in causing obstruction to the flow of lymph has lead to this study which is an attempt to reduce the effect of fibrosis by treatment with a corticosteroid preparation administered by direct intralymphatic infusion. In a pilot study, twenty patients received an(More)
The objective of this case report was to describe a patient who developed habitual dislocation of patella after knee disarticulation. Congenital deficiency of the tibia (tibial hemimelia, aplasia or dysplasia) is very rare, with an incidence of approximately 1 per 1 million live births. Knee disarticulation is preferred over transfemoral amputation for type(More)