Neil Fairall

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A comparative study of heat production and dissipation was carried out on Rhabdomys pumilio from two extremely different climatic zones. Our results show higher oxygen consumption (Vo2) values for the desert population at Ta = 5 degrees C when compared to the mesic population. The overall thermal conductance is also higher for the desert population. It(More)
In rams a positive correlation (P less than 0.001) existed between average testosterone levels from 30-min blood sampling for 18 h and average testosterone levels of samples taken 0, 1 and 2 h after injection of LH-RH administered 90 min after anaesthesia. Attempts were therefore made to assess testosterone status by LH-RH challenge and limited blood(More)
1. A comparative study of calcium and bicarbonate in the urine was carried out on the subterranean mole rat Cryptomys hottenttus and the terrestrial vlei rat Otomys irroratus. 2. The two species were kept on two different diets; carrots, a high calcium diet (41 mg/ 100 kg) or potatoes, a low calcium diet (14 mg/ 100g). 3. The results show that the urine of(More)
Resting metabolic rates (RMR) below thermoneutrality in adult hyrax acclimated to 26, 15 and 10 degrees C remained unchanged, i.e. thermal conductance (K) remained constant. Conductance in juveniles decreased with acclimation to lower ambient temperatures (Ta). Body temperature (Tb) dropped by 3.8 degrees C in adults exposed to Ta of 30-5 degrees C. The(More)
Rock hyraces were exposed to the dorsal gland and urinary odors' of conspecifics in a test chamber constructed such that electrocardiographic biopotential could be picked up through the plantar surfaces of the feet. Both heart rate acceleration and deceleration were observed. Female hyraces responded more strongly to odors than males, but no reponse was(More)
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