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A framework that integrates an object model, research methods (workflows), the capture of experimental data sets and the provenance of those data sets for subject-centric research is presented. The design of the Framework object model draws on and extends pre-existing object models in the public domain. In particular the Framework tracks the state and life(More)
The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualization Environment (MASSIVE) is a national imaging and visualization facility established by Monash University, the Australian Synchrotron, the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), and the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), with funding from the National(More)
The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) has been used to survey at 1.4 GHz, a small region (< 3 sq deg) overlapping with the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (Colless et al. 2001). We surveyed with a varying radio sensitivity, ranging from 1 mJy – 20 µJy (1σ). There are 365 2dFGRS sources with z > 0.001 lying within the surveyed region, of which 316 have(More)
We present new radio observations of the brighter region of the northern lobe (the Northern Middle Lobe, NML) of Centaurus A obtained at 20 cm with the Australia Telescope Compact Array. The angular resolutions are ∼50 and ∼130 arcsec, therefore much higher than for the previously available radio images of this region. The most interesting feature detected(More)
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