Neil Duffy

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A n e w general solution for the construction of one-to-one image warping functions is presented. The algorithm takes a set of user speciied translations and constructs a set of one-to-one warps by interpolation and scaling. These are concatenated to produce a single one-to-one warping function, which prevents overlap in the resultant w arped image.
Chronic back pain is a global health problem affecting millions of people worldwide and carries significant economic and social morbidities. Intervertebral disc damage and degeneration is a major cause of back pain, characterised by histological and biochemical changes that have been well documented in animal models. Recently there has been intense interest(More)
This paper presents a new method for the construction of three-dimensional (3D) probabilistic facial averages and demonstrates the potential for applications in clinical craniofacial research and patient assessment. Averages are constructed from a database of registered laser-range scans and photographic images using feature based image warping. Facial(More)
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