Neil Doherty

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The population structure of Streptococcus pneumoniae in a sample of 134 carried antibiotic-susceptible isolates, and 53 resistant and susceptible invasive isolates, was examined using a DNA-based version of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis: multilocus restriction typing (MLRT). This involved RFLP analysis of PCR products generated from nine loci of(More)
BACKGROUND LuxS may function as a metabolic enzyme or as the synthase of a quorum sensing signalling molecule, auto-inducer-2 (AI-2); hence, the mechanism underlying phenotypic changes upon luxS inactivation is not always clear. In Helicobacter pylori, we have recently shown that, rather than functioning in recycling methionine as in most bacteria, LuxS(More)
  • Christian Gollier, Nicolas Treich, P.-A Chiappori, N Doherty, J Drµ, L Eeckhoudt +10 others
and members of the french Commissariat µ a l'Energie Atomique (CEA) for valuable discussions. We thank FFSA and CEA for their ¯nancial supports. Abstract We consider the problem of the optimal use of a good whose consumption can produce damages in the future. Potential damages are proportional to the accumulated lifetime consumption of the good. Scienti¯c(More)
Zinc is essential for life, but toxic in excess. Thus all cells must control their internal zinc concentration. We used a systems approach, alternating rounds of experiments and models, to further elucidate the zinc control systems in Escherichia coli. We measured the response to zinc of the main specific zinc import and export systems in the wild-type, and(More)
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