Neil De Souza

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A sound knowledge of the normal tooth morphology and its numerous variations is essential to the success of endodontic therapy. While extra canals and lateral canals are routinely encountered and documented, there also exists the rare possibility of a fewer number of canals than normal. Early detection of such an occurrence is critical to the prevention of(More)
This case report highlights the management of a case of bilateral complete and incomplete fusion of maxillary incisors in a 10-year-old child. A mock-up was done on the diagnostic cast. Pretreatment esthetic evaluation was done using bis-acryl composite temporaries which were transferred intraorally from the diagnostic cast using a putty index. An incisal(More)
Pre-eruptive Intracoronal Resorption (PIR) is a lesion that mostly occurs within the dentin in the occlusal part of the crown, next to the dentin-enamel junction. Such lesions are usually detected accidentally, on routine intraoral radiographs. This case report highlights a case of PIR detected in the mandibular second premolar of a 10 year old boy. The(More)
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