Neil D Perkinson

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We present data concerning the design and testing of a new clot-sucking device for possible use in the extraction of blood clots that arise during thromboembolic strokes. Our data indicate that a jelly-like mass of 0.02 g (of an artificial clot) can be removed from plastic tubing using this vortex-creating device, which has an optimal diameter of 1 mm, in(More)
We present data concerning the extraction of clots using the newly invented "GP" mechanical thrombectomy device (MTD). Artificial and porcine clots of various lengths were used in plastic tube models of an artery. We investigate the pressures and times taken for clot extraction together with the volumes of fluid extracted. We also investigate the impact of(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical thrombectomy can restore blood flow to the brain after acute ischemic stroke, but may be associated with risks, such as breakage of moving parts and clot fragmentation. The aim of this study was to evaluate a new aspiration thrombus device (ATD), the GP ATD, which has no moving parts and extracts clots by suction in a vortex flow(More)
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