Neil Crossley

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In this paper I present a socio historical analysis of the rise of the British anti-psychiatry movement. I have three aims. Firstly, to establish what anti-psychiatry was. Secondly, to investigate and explain its emergence. Thirdly, to consider its relationship to other "new social movements". This analysis is important because criticism and opposition,(More)
What is the 'voice' of the mental health 'user'? This paper seeks to address this question through the presentation of a detailed comparative analysis of two anthologies written by people living with mental 'illness' in the 1950s and 1990s. Using a narrative-style qualitative analysis, the structure and content of the two anthologies is explored. The(More)
Desmosomal cadherins are essential cell adhesion molecules present throughout the epidermis and other organs, whose major function is to provide mechanical integrity and stability to epithelial cells in a wide variety of tissues. We recently identified a novel desmoglein family member, Desmoglein 4 (Dsg4), using a positional cloning approach in two families(More)
Analytical inductive programming and evolutionary inductive programming are two opposing strategies for learning recursive programs from incomplete specifications such as input/output examples. Analytical inductive programming is data-driven, namely, the minimal recursive generalization over the positive input/output examples is generated by recurrence(More)
Evolutionary programming is the most powerful method for inducing recursive functional programs from input/output examples while taking into account efficiency and complexity constraints for the target program. However, synthesis time can be considerably high. A strategy which is complementary to the generate-and -test based approaches of evolutionary(More)
Prostaglandin analogues in which the alkyl chain attached to C-15 in the natural compounds is replaced by an alkyoxyalkyl group have been synthesised. Compounds of the 17-oxa series are particularly potent luteolytic agents and are selective in the sense that they are less effective than PGE-2alpha in causing isotonic contractions of isolated uterus muscle.