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NEIL C. RAMILLER is on the faculty at the School of Business Administration, Port-land State University. He holds a Ph.D. in management from the Anderson School at UCLA, an MBA from U.C. Berkeley, and undergraduate degrees from Sonoma State University. His primary research interests, which address the strategic management of information technology, focus on(More)
This essay identifies three characteristic problems in how the Information Systems field sets its research directions. First is the propensity of our field to create research agendas modeled after the transitory infatuations that industry has with certain popular topics in IT-related innovation. The second problem is our field's inclination to develop(More)
One of the most important tasks information systems executives face is making sense of emerging opportunities for organizational innovation through information technology. However , the parlance of information systems practitioners yields a variety of metaphors suggesting that this crucial task is a perilous one, in which success is far from assured. This(More)
In keeping with the current appreciation for the sociomateriality of technology-enabled practice, we are now advised to de-center human beings and to situate them as but one component among many in complex networks of heterogeneous actors. More radical still, we are counseled to question the very premise of distinctive subjects and objects. Human actors and(More)