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The paper presents exact schedulability analyses for real-time systems scheduled at run-time with a static priority pre-emptive dispatcher. The tasks to be scheduled are allowed to experience internal blocking (from other tasks with which they share resources) and (with certain restrictions) release jitter — such as waiting for a message to arrive. The(More)
SUMMARY The STRESS environment is a collection of CASE tools for analysing and simulating the behaviour of hard real-time safety-critical applications. It is primarily intended as a means by which various scheduling and resource management algorithms can be evaluated, but can also be used to study the general behaviour of applications and real-time kernels.(More)
—This paper proposes Carousel, a mechanism to manage local memory space, i.e. cache or scratchpad memory (SPM), such that inter-task interference is completely eliminated. The cost of saving and restoring the local memory state across context switches is explicitly handled by the preempting task, rather than being imposed implicitly on preempted tasks.(More)