Neil Bozowsky

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New tools for raw data exploration and characterization of “big data” sets are required to suggest initial hypotheses for testing. The widespread use and adoption of web-based geo maps have provided a familiar set of interactions for exploring extremely large geo data spaces and can be applied to similarly large abstract data spaces. Building(More)
Aperture is an open, adaptable and extensible Web 2.0 visualization framework, designed to produce visualizations for analysts and decision makers in any common web browser. Aperture utilizes a novel layer based approach to visualization assembly, and a data mapping API that simplifies the process of adaptable transformation of data and analytic results(More)
nCompass is a flexible, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) designed to support the research and deployment of advanced tacit collaboration technology services for analysts. nCompass allows a significantly larger number of individual analytic capabilities, applications and services to be integrated together quickly and effectively. Service integration(More)
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