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For prawn trawling systems, drag reduction is a high priority as the trawling process is energy intensive. Large benefits have occurred through the use of multiple-net rigs and thin twine in the netting. An additional positive effect of these successful twine-area reduction strategies is the reduced amount of otter board area required to spread the trawl(More)
The composition of drilling muds is based on a mixture of clays and additives in a base fluid. There are three generic categories of base fluid--water, oil, and synthetic. Water-based fluids (WBFs) are relatively environmentally benign, but drilling performance is better with oil-based fluids (OBFs). The oil and gas industry developed synthetic-based fluids(More)
ii This report reflects the views of Polar Design Associates Ltd. and not necessarily those of the Transportation Development Centre or Transport Canada. Un sommaire français se trouve avant la table des matières. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author would like to acknowledge the leadership and project definition efforts provided by Mr. André Taschereau as the(More)
A new design of a propulsion device is a Collective and Cyclic Pitch Propeller, CCPP. The principle o f the CCPP is similar to a helicopter main rotor. As such, the propeller operates as a co mbination between a propulsion device and a directional manipulator. It can generate side thrust to provide direct ional control, in addition to axial thrust(More)
The propagation of underwater acoustic signals in polar regions is dominated by an upward refracting sound speed environment and the presence of a dynamic highly variable ice canopy. This paper provides an overview of the acoustic properties of sea ice and assesses the influence of ice canopy and water column properties on acoustic transmission loss for(More)
  • Farhood Azarsina, MOHAMMAD SAEED SEIF, Neil Bose, Mohammad S. Seif
  • 2007
AUV designers and operators with an interest in dynamic control systems and vehicle maneuvrability are likely to find the variation in simulated manoeuvering behaviour with vehicle geometry changes of interest. Why is it important? The paper shows the effect of rudder angle and vehicle geometry on the vehicle turning maneuver. The results apply to a wide(More)
Due to the hydrophobic nature of synthetic based fluids (SBFs), drilling cuttings are not very dispersive in the water column and settle down close to the disposal site. Arsenic and copper are two important toxic heavy metals, among others, found in the drilling waste. In this article, the concentrations of heavy metals are determined using a steady state(More)
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