Neil Beagrie

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This paper discusses scientific, social and technological aspects of memory. Recent developments in our understanding of memory processes and mechanisms, and their digital implementation, have placed the encoding, storage, management and retrieval of information at the forefront of several fields of research. At the same time, the divisions between the(More)
This proposal seeks to establish a road map of research based around one of UKCRC’s Grand Challenges – Memories for Life (M4L). It has arisen from a number of activities – the topic was highlighted in the OST’s Cognitive Systems Programme, and again in the first Grand Challenges in Computing Workshop held in Edinburgh. An EPSRC Network grant was awarded in(More)
The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) has been established by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK's Higher Education Funding Councils to collect, preserve and promote re-use of digital resources which result from or support research and teaching in the arts and humanities. Within the UK, the Digital Archiving Working Group (DAWG) has(More)
This paper provides an overview of the KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit. The Toolkit has been developed to assist curation activities by assessing the benefits associated with the long-term preservation of research data. It builds on the outputs of the Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) research projects and consists of two tools: the KRDS Benefits Framework,(More)
Data attrition compromises the ability of scientists to validate and reuse the data that underlie scientific articles. For this reason, many have called to archive data supporting published articles. However, few successful models for the sustainability of disciplinary data archives exist and many of these rely heavily on ephemeral funding sources. The(More)