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Ipsilateral motor cortex activity during unimanual hand movements relates to task complexity.
Functional imaging studies have revealed recruitment of ipsilateral motor areas during the production of sequential unimanual finger movements. This phenomenon is more prominent in the leftExpand
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Choking under pressure: multiple routes to skill failure.
Poor performance in pressure-filled situations, or "choking under pressure," has largely been explained by two different classes of theories. Distraction theories propose that choking occurs becauseExpand
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Goal-selection and movement-related conflict during bimanual reaching movements.
Conflict during bimanual movements can arise during the selection of movement goals or during movement planning and execution. We demonstrate a behavioral and neural dissociation of these 2 types ofExpand
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Target selection during bimanual reaching to direct cues is unaffected by the perceptual similarity of the targets.
Investigations of bimanual movements have shed considerable insight on the constraints underlying our ability to perform coordinated actions. One prominent limitation is evident when people areExpand
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Interference Effects from Observed Movement in Parkinson's Disease
ABSTRACT Previous research has demonstrated that Parkinson's disease patients have an increased susceptibility to response conflict. In the present study, the authors investigate whether Parkinson'sExpand
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Circadian Effects on Performance and Effort in Collegiate Swimmers
Although individual athletic performance generally tends to peak in the evening, individuals who exhibit a strong diurnal preference perform better closer to their circadian peak. Time-of-dayExpand
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Target Selection: Choice or Response?
The posterior parietal cortex (PPC) encodes information related to action ([Desmurget et al., 1999][1]). A subregion of the PPC, the parietal reach region (PRR), is involved in encoding the directionExpand
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Correcting and Adapting
Management Information Task Group
Abstract : The Defense Business Practice Implementation Board (DBB) was tasked with providing an outside review of progress on the Financial Management Modernization Program (FMMP). The reviewExpand
Business Management Modernization Program Task Group
Abstract : In support of the Department of Defense's ongoing transformation efforts, at the request of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the endorsement of the Under Secretary of DefenseExpand