Neil A. Porter

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BACKGROUND Renal cell carcinoma is well known for its frequency to metastasise, particularly to lungs, liver, bones and brain. Metastasis to the skin is much less common. Presentation as a result of the skin lesion is even more unusual, with only 14 previously reported cases in the English literature. The majority of these cases have been reported in(More)
Although pathology at the first mobile segment above a lumbosacral transitional vertebra (LSTV) is a known source of spinal symptoms, nerve root compression below an LSTV, has only sporadically been reported. Our objective was to assess the prevalence of nerve root entrapment below an LSTV, review the causes of entrapment, and correlate with presenting(More)
A 65-year-old male patient presented to the accident and emergency department with generalized upper abdominal pain. Blood tests showed a raised amylase of 1811 IU/l and elevated inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein = 126mg/l). The patient was found to have a profound metabolic acidosis with a base excess of –16. Also of note was a history of severe(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Spondyloarthropathy has been described radiographically in patients following paralysis from spinal cord trauma. Onset of these findings after cauda equina syndrome have not been reported previously. Furthermore, the magnetic resonance documentation of its early evolution has not been recorded. PURPOSE We report a case of early-onset(More)
Orthopaedic surgical studies have shown that variations in the vertical distance between the tip of the coracoid process and the supra-glenoid tubercle alter the shape of the subcoracoid outlet. Our objective was to measure the vertical distance between the coracoid tip and the supra-glenoid tubercle (CTGT) on MR and to assess whether this showed better(More)
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