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a r t i c l e i n f o Profit growth is one of the primary drivers of a firm's stock price and therefore is a clear priority for managers. Yet little is known about how a firm's marketing capabilities may be linked with its profit growth. In this study, we use data from a cross-industry sample of 114 firms to investigate how market sensing, brand management,(More)
Common prescriptions for improving the performance of supermarket retailers center on using key suppliers as ''category captains'' and leveraging their resources and capabilities to implement effective category management that will both reduce retailer costs and provide a basis for differentiation. However, despite these widespread prescriptions, the(More)
—Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation provides a unique window into the dynamics of amorphous silicates of geochemical importance. Of special interest are theories of the glass transition and viscosity when an equilibrium liquid passes through the metastable supercooled liquid state to become a nonequilibrium glass. Viscosity increases enormously in a small(More)
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