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The earlobe is an anatomical structure that has a significant aesthetic role. Its surgical repair places a challenge due to the difficulty of obtaining a natural appearing and durable outcome. The authors present two options: the Gavello technique and the bilobed flap, after the excision of malign neoplasms of the earlobe. The Gavello technique makes use of(More)
The spike activity of various types of cell responses in the pterothoracic ganglion of Ascalapha odorata (Noctuidae) and Empyreuma pugione (Arctiidae) was studied. Pure tones (16 kHz for A. odorata and 20 kHz for E. pugione, 45 ms pulses) were presented at a 1 Hz rate over 9 s and at intensities ranging from 25 to 95 dB SPL. The values of the latency period(More)
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