Neida González

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Hemoglobin City of Hope (Hb CH) (HBB: c.208G>A, beta 69 (E13)Gly>Ser) is a rare, anomalous change. Seven independent carriers reported so far, had not displayed any hematological manifestations. The ethnic origin of the known instances is presumably heterogeneous, although they are mainly Mediterraneans or equatorial West Africans. We describe the case of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To translate into Spanish a version of the Miller-Rahe Recent Life Change Questionnaire and to adapt it to Venezuelan cultural values. METHODS The Spanish version and cross-cultural adaptation of the Miller-Rahe Recent Life Change Questionnaire was done following recently proposed guidelines to preserve semantic, idiomatic, and conceptual(More)
We investigated the quality of life's concept and its uses by both residents and interns as well as last year medical students in the University Hospital in Caracas (HUC). A random sample by strata, without replacement of 123 persons, completed a self administered questionnaire which included a set of closed questions and one of open questions related to(More)
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