Nehal B. Patel

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Naked mole-rats (NMR) live underground in large eusocial colonies in East Africa. They are extremely long-lived, some individuals having a lifespan of over 30 years. This has attracted research into longevity and possibly neurodegenerative disorders. However, very little is known about their basic behaviour, particularly in tests commonly used to(More)
Polysiloxane coatings containing chemically-bound ("tethered") quaternary ammonium salt (QAS) moieties were investigated for potential application as environmental-friendly coatings to control marine biofouling. A combinatorial/high-throughput approach was applied to the investigation to enable multiple variables to be probed simultaneously and efficiently.(More)
Hydrodynamic studies of miniagrin indicate a molar mass that is 20% larger than the value calculated from the sequence of this genetically engineered protein. Consistent with this finding is the negative sign and also the magnitude of the second virial coefficient obtained from small-angle X-ray scattering measurements. The inference that miniagrin(More)
Identifying and separating a subpopulation of cells from a heterogeneous mixture are essential elements of biological research. Current approaches require detailed knowledge of unique cell surface properties of the target cell population. A method is described that exploits size differences of cells to facilitate selective intracellular delivery using a(More)
Coatings are an essential part in the formulation of pharmaceutical dosage form to achieve superior aesthetic quality (e.g., color, texture, mouth feel, and taste masking), physical and chemical protection for the drugs in the dosage forms, and modification of drug release characteristics. Solventless coatings are the alternative coating technologies for(More)
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