Neha V. Kalmankar

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The Ramachandran map clearly delineates the regions of accessible conformational (φ-ψ) space for amino acid residues in proteins. Experimental distributions of φ, ψ values in high-resolution protein structures, reveal sparsely populated zones within fully allowed regions and distinct clusters in apparently disallowed regions. Conformational space has been(More)
In this study, we performed a detailed literature survey of the ɛ-turn in peptides and proteins. This three-dimensional structural feature is characterized by an eleven-membered pseudo-cycle closed by an intramolecular backbone…backbone H-bond. Interestingly, in this motif the direction of the N-H…O = C H-bond runs opposite to that of the much more popular(More)
Structure-function implication on a novel homozygous Trp250/Gly mutation of transglutaminase-1 (TGM1) observed in a patient of autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis is invoked from a bioinformatics analysis. Structural consequences of this mutation are hypothesized in comparison to homologous enzyme human factor XIIIA accepted as valid in similar(More)
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