Neha Sudhir

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Benign fibrous histiocytoma is such a rare tumour that only a few cases have been reported in the literature. A patient with an apparently benign lesion of the distal radius, along with congenital dislocation of the radial head, was presented at St. John's Medical College Hospital in Bangalore, India. Pain was the chief symptom. There were histological(More)
Essential hypertension is a complex polygenic disorder influenced by many environmental factors. Previous studies have demonstrated that angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene has a significant association with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. The objective of the study was to assess the possible role of ACE gene I/D polymorphism on(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent miscarriage (RM) is the most common pregnancy loss in the first trimester affecting approximately 0.5-2% of women. It is a heterogeneous condition and remains an enigma as the underlying cause is still difficult to track down. AIM This study was aimed to investigate the distribution of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) 308G/A(More)
Human reproduction is considered as the most inefficient event as ∼15–20% of human pregnancies end in miscarriage and in the product of miscarriages, chromosomal anomalies are a common occurrence. The aim of the present retrospective study was to assess the frequency of chromosomal aberrations in couples with recurrent miscarriages in the region of Punjab(More)
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